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Kopernik Observatory @KopernikObserv Friday, April 9th, 2021 at 1:56pm Join us tonight, Friday, April 9, at 7 pm for the Alternative Energy, The Least Expensive Form of Electricity. #koperniklivestreams #kopernikfridaynight #kopernikobservatory #electricity #alternativeenergy In 1973, the Kopernik Polish Cultural Society of Broome County organized in order to build a community observatory as a memorial to Mikolaj Kopernik. The Society's goal was for everyone in the region, regardless of ethnic background, to experience the universe firsthand at the new Kopernik Observatory. 360° Telescope Tour: Kopernik Observatory & Science Center Part 2 (VR) - YouTube. Explore our observatory and the telescopes within in 360-degrees!

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Each column represents a different hour. The colors of the blocks are the colors from CMC's forecast maps for that hour. The two numbers at the top of a column is the time. A digit 1 on top of a 3 means 13:00 or 1pm. It's local time, in 24hr format. (Local time for Kopernik Observatory is -4.0 hours from GMT.) Kopernik Observatory & Science Center's Optical Guidance Systems 20" RC Telescope and FLI Proline Camera.

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Kopernik Observatory and Science Center. The Kopernik Observatory & Science Center, perched atop a 1750 foot hill in Vestal, 13 miles Southwest of Binghamton, NY, has been the best-sited and best equipped public observatory in the Northeast United States for over 45 years.

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Kopernik observatory & science center

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Kopernik observatory & science center

KAS members wrapping up at the Cherry Springs Star Party in 2017. Spiral Galaxy M77 & Supernova SN 2018 ivc as imaged by George Normandin on Kopernik's 20" Telescope (12/18/2018). KAS members with an impromptu visit to Cherry Springs State Park, PA. Kopernik to nie tylko interaktywne eksponaty, pokazy, warsztaty, Planetarium.
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SUNY Binghamton Holiday Inn Express ligger 8 km från Binghamton Zoo och mindre än 16 km från Kopernik Observatory och Science Center. And Kopernik's sky is awesome, like all center (Kopernik Observatory & Science Center)!
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advantage of. Kopernik Observatory & Science Center | The Kopernik Observatory & Science Center opened in 1974, built by the Kopernik Society of Broome County to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Mikolaj Kopernik, the man known to the world as Copernicus – the “father” of modern astronomy. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of children and adults have experienced the wonders of [tabby title=”Directions”] Take Interstate Route 81 or 88 to the Binghamton area.Follow Route 17 West to Route 26 South (Exit 67s).Proceed 5 miles and turn right at Glenwood Road. (Note the green observatory sign).