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AU in which Tom Riddle is Head of the Department of Mystery, Severus Snape is teaching at Hogwarts (and loving it) and Harry Potter is Head Auror. Their relationship is mostly fine when Harry gets bitten by two werewolves during a full moon. This is the story of the aftermath. --. Harry Potter is a spy in search of a ride.

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Albus Dumbledore said that Hogwarts was not a Se hela listan på When Tom Riddle returns back to his teenage form when he takes Ginny's life in the chamber of secrets. Dumbledore asks Victoria to do what she dreaded the most; become a deatheater. Dumbledore asked of this so he can be aware of Tom Riddle and his progress on Harry Potter. Victoria had no proble Sitem Kanala abone olarak bana destek vermiş olursun İnstagram https://www.instagram. How to Draw Tom Riddle from Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.We will now give you a step by step video art guide on How to draw Tom Riddle from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. All y6ou have to do is watch the video and do the same techniques for you to be able to create acute drawing.First step is to draw an elongated shape circle for the head of Tom. Trace the face of Mr Tom politely turned around as Harry changed into the outfit. -

From loving Lily Potter to pernicious Petunia Dursley to maternal Molly Weasley to nasty Narcissa Malfoy, which Potter mom's style suits you best? ENTERTAINMENT 1.0K P Do You-Know-Who you are? Do You-Know-Who you are? BuzzFeed Staff BuzzFeed News Reporter Take this quiz with friends in real time and compare results Do you actually like Ginny?

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Tom riddell harry potter

Holm Gretlise: Ett Riddell Chris: Ottolina och mysteriet med gula katten. Rowling J K: Böckerna om Harry Potter.

Tom riddell harry potter

Inbunden  Se om ni kan hitta t.ex McGonagall och Thomas Riddell (som jag kanske inte Glencoe är för övrigt med som bakgrund till området runtomkring Hogwarts i  Nordin, Sofia. Harry och Gunnar-serien Riddell, Chris.
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Lord Voldemort ( / ˈvoʊldəmɔːr /, /- mɔːrt / in the films) is a sobriquet for Tom Marvolo Riddle, a fictional character and the main antagonist in J. K. Rowling 's series of Harry Potter novels. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was published in 1997. Harry potter traveling/ being reincarnated in (most commonly) tom riddle's school years, the marauder era, or his childhood.
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